Should You Go On Your Own Or Book A Surfcamp While Surfing in Bali?

By impulsesurfer May 6, 2014 Surf Impulse

Many tourists want to visit Bali today. There are a lot of great attractions that you can see in this place. Surfing is a famous activity that you can do in Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. When you are planning to spend your holiday with your family, you may want to consider visiting this place. Bali island offers beautiful places for all beginner and intermediate surfers who want to enjoy beautiful scenery in Indonesia. Some people want to join a surf camp Bali. Here are some pros and cons about this activity.

Surf ceck with the camp on Bali's Bukit peninsula


Pros For Using A Surf Camp

1. Professional surf lessons

When you join a surf camp in Bali, you should be able to enjoy some professional surf lessons in Bali. These lessons are delivered by experienced surfers from around the world. Therefore, this surf camp is suitable for all surfers, from the beginner to intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing knowledge and skills. All lessons are delivered through several classes that can be followed easily. You should be able to enjoy all lessons that are delivered using a surf camp.

2. The camp provides all important equipment

This is another benefit that you can have from a camp. You will never have to worry about the surfing equipment. The surf camp is going to provide all important equipment that you can rent easily. It means that you don’t have to buy any expensive surfing equipment when you are planning to enjoy this activity. As a visitor you don’t have to bring anything when you want to enjoy their unique surfing experience.

3. Offers some other exciting activities

Some people are interested in visting a  surf camp because of this benefit. You can enjoy some other exciting activities when you join this camp. You should be able to enjoy beautiful views and some interesting places in Bali. All members are able to visit some shopping centers, watch traditional ceremonies, enjoy some delicious foods, and do some other interesting activities. Joining a surf camp on the island of the gods is a great option for all tourists who want to explore Bali, Indonesia.

Cons Against Using A Surf Camp

1. You have busy schedules

During this surf camp, you are going to have busy schedules. It means that you don’t have a lot of spare time for enjoying your time alone. Some people may not be happy with this fact. However, you shouldn’t be worry with this busy schedule. You should enjoy all interesting activities that are offered by this surf camp. There are a lot of interesting activities that can be enjoyed by all members.

Keramas during a recent visit with the surf camp

They are some pros and cons about surf camp Bali. However, most people are interested with this program when they are visiting Bali. You can also meet other members who have similar hobby as yours. This program is specially created for people who want to enjoy their surfing activities in Bali. If you are interested with this surf camp program, you should contact the event organizer immediately. Make sure that you book your schedule in advance, so you can book a spot in this program at very affordable price.